Wilde About Books

Wilde About Books was born out of two friends lively and some times heated conversations about books. A friend and I met when we were both studying English at Eastern Kentucky University. The bulk of our course load was literature classes and we would often sit around for hours talking about the course readings; The conversation would always move towards the books we were reading in our spare time. My friend would also act as my editor for the fiction and nonfiction stories I was writing. Today, my friend and I are still debating which Shakespeare play is the best, who loves Paradise Lost more, if my manuscript is salvageable, or if I need to go back to my brainstorming web.

A few years came and went since EKU, and I decided to keep the spirit of my friend and I’s conversations alive through this blog. Wilde About Books is a space for bookworms like my friend and I who love to talk about all things books and writing craft: the Oxford comma debate, up and coming authors, books that are now movies or TV shows, bibliophile life hacks, and more. Most of all, Wilde About Books is a space to engage with YOU! We’re here to write and discuss, but we’re also here to listen to what you have to say. We invite you to post comments, share, subscribe, and follow us on social media.


Marissa Massey is from Lexington, Kentucky. She earned a BA in English from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY. She earned her MA in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, MA. Marissa is a blogger and content writer who is working on her first novel. She has 5+ years of writing and editing experience. Marissa spends her free time reading, writing, hiking at the Red River Gorge with her husband, and playing with their two dogs: Toby and Sierra.