Poetry Review + 10 Favorite Poems from The Truth About Magic by Atticus

Last updated on May 26, 2020

Hello all! We have only 2 more days until National Poetry Month is over! I hope you all have celebrated by writing some of your own poetry or reading some. I’ve done a little of both. This week I wanted to write a bit about what I’ve been reading: The Truth About Magic from New York Times best-selling author Atticus. I’ve read through his first two poetry collections Love Her Wild and The Dark Between Stars. And, I’ve loved each of them; His third one doesn’t disappoint. 

Atticus has a way of looking at the world that is so special. I believe his ability to see magic in ordinary things like a glass of wine, a kiss, a rainstorm is truly extraordinary. His is a perspective that I believe we held as humans, but lost long ago on our search for the next high, the next win, the next thing. Atticus magnifies the small moments of life and shifts our perspective of ordinary human moments to magical ones that define your life. He reminds us what it is to be alive. 

Here are a few of my favorite poems from his latest collection, The Truth About Magic


We reveled 

in the sweet taste of each other’s names

as if honey was a sound

and we were thirsty 

for its song. (10)


We were all born to live

born to love

millions of years

perfecting the art of it, 

and yet still, 


it comes so unnaturally 

to most of us. (21)


We grow old chasings the truths

we knew as children. (24)


Give me a room in Paris

the smaller, the better 

and it must be winter

and it must be cold

so we can make it hot

too hot to sit still

and the window must be thin

so we can hear the bells

and the power must surge and bubble

so the lights flicker

and the records skip

let the water be weak

so our coffee is strong

so we can stay up late to dance. 

Give me this Paris

and I will paint for you

all the truths I know

about magic. (90)


She’d always make her way

to my side of the bed

bit by bit

until there was nowhere else

for me to go—

and I swear

I could see her smiling

in her sleep

so proud 

to have me safely trapped

between a rock

and a soft place. (112) 


In her heart

and soul

she set fire to all things

that held her back

and from the ashes

she stepped

into who she always was. (130)


When given a choice

between you and them

choose you.

It’s better to be whole and alone

than broken at their feet. (160)


How beautiful you are

he said

a tapestry of scars. (179)


A poet


only to


the great truths hidden in all of us:

of what is love, 

and why? (215)


The truth about magic

lies in the very

perfect fading wish

of every shooting star. (218)


Thanks for reading! You can follow Atticus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @AtticusPoetry or check out his website atticuspoetry.com. Let me know in the comments which poem is your favorite and why! Happy reading and enjoy the rest of National Poetry Month!




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