National Poetry Month: An Ode to Mom

Happy Wednesday! We’re officially halfway through National Poetry Month! I hope you’ve had a month full of reading and writing. Today, I’m changing things up a little bit, and I’ll tell you why. Today is my mom’s birthday. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, my mom is the one who inspired my love of reading and writing. (If you missed “Finding the Magic in Reading and Writing” post, go back and read that one first.) My mom has always been my person. The one who I can always rely on to be my biggest champion and my closest friend. So in honor of her, I thought I’d share a poem I wrote for her on her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


“An Ode to Mom”

Before you, 

there was nothing. 

And then, a flicker

in the darkness. 

Before I knew 

the eyes who’d see

only beauty, 

and before I knew

your wild,

kindred spirit, 

I heard a voice.


You called me

by my name.

You whispered

the dreams you 

dreamed for me.

You sang me a song

composed of flowers 

and laughter. 

You hoped. You prayed.

And, you wished.

You called to me, and


I answered with

butterfly wings 

against your belly. 

You were there 

the moment my eyes 

opened to the world.

You reached for me as

I reached for you.

One dream fulfilled

and so many more

bursting to life.


You said I could fly,

so I flew. 

You said hugs

make everything right,

so I snuggled you close. 

You said reading

is the magic key

to take me where 

I want to be,

so I never

stopped reading. 


Before you, 

there was nothing. 

And then, 

life exploded

in the darkness. 

Before I knew 

what my world

would be, 

you knew I’d be

your wild, 

kindred spirit.


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