Drop Everything and Read Day + What to Read on Easter

Welcome back, folks! I hope you’re staying healthy and entertained! We’re a little over a week into National Poetry Month, and I hope you’ve had a chance to read some poetry or write your own. We’re also coming up on Drop Everything and Read Day on April 12! As a community of bookworms, let’s seize the day on April 12 and dive head first into a lovely place I like to call Bookland. 

Bookland is my favorite place. It’s that sacred space between the written word and the imagination. It’s that place you go to when you’re supposed to be working. You go there when you’re bored and looking for adventure, or when you’re lonely and need connection. You may go there everyday or when there’s nothing good on Netflix. Bookland is where you go to escape or to lose yourself. If you explore enough of it, you might even find yourself. 

So grab your favorite book—the one you’ve reread fifty times—and curl up on the couch. Find a spot in the sun and crack open it’s pages. Sink into the nostalgia just as you sink into the pillows and blankets. Pick up that book on your nightstand that you’ve been meaning to read. You’ve been wanting to read it for a while, but life has a tendency of getting in the way. But for today, life can wait. Work can wait. The dishes and laundry can sit for another day. And, if you have kids who need something to do, read with them. Grab Harry Potter off the shelf and start on an adventure to Hogwarts. If you have pets, like I do, who demand your attention every moment of the day, play with them until they can’t play anymore, and then curl up in bed with a book. 

Since our world is a bit topsy turvy at the moment, we’re going to have to change how we celebrate Easter. So, gather up your family and take turns reading, or everyone pick a comfy spot and read your own adventures. Either way, if you’d like to celebrate both Easter and Drop Everything and Read Day this Sunday, April 12, then consider reading the following Easter books. Happy reading and happy Easter! 

For Kids

For the Rest of Us


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